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Picture by Masaru Emoto of water crystal present in water after that water was  given love and gratitude

Water crystal present in water after it is given Love and Gratitude

Loving Water, showing it gratitude and appreciation from the heart and labelling it with words of love produces six-sided, snowflake-like crystals in the water, as shown by the late Dr Masaru Emoto. Labs using the Emoto method in Switzerland also show Nature's Design in the hexagonal water crystals they see formed when water is placed in carafes, drink bottles and even bowls that have golden ratio proportions. A shape used throughout nature. We see here series of shapes and the water crystals they produce in water held in them for just 3 minutes, as photographed by the E. F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland, in Switerland. It is believed the Flower of Life holds the outlines of all the cyrtalline shapes found in nature and that this adds to the structure of water when near it.

Picture by Masaru Emoto of water crystal present in water after I love you

We and our Planet are 3/4 water. 99% of our moleculles are water. DNA, enymes, proteins and sall chemicals, plants and animals are assisted by water. LovingWater.nz restores water in all places for all life that it may be abundantly healthy, We can learn much about how to look after each other and our planet from water's memory and wisdom. Viktor Schaubeger warned that there is water only if there are trees so Loving Water looks after a 20 hectare native NZ forest. Loving Water focuses on workshops, seminars and ancient ways of respect for nature and its living sacred geometry, supporting love and appreciation of water, research and the provision of spirals, vortex water energisers, water actuated harmonisers and other leading geometric and resonance technologies that love and assist us, water and all life throughout the Universe.

Picture of water from Fujiwara dam before and after love and prayers
Hexagonal stucture of the water crystal is the sign of harmonic water full of natural energy, like the water in natural streams. Water supply systems weaken the water as crystal without structure shows
Tap water before and after being in a Golden Carafe

The left-hand blobs lacking alive, living water structure are transformed into vibrant, alive water in its highly structured nature state, seen in the lovely water crystals shown on the right; and all it takes is love and appreciation to restore water's birth right - vital life force and vibrant energy. Known as Living structured full spectrum water or E-Z water this water gives increased life, energy and healing to all that it then comes in touch with.

Song of the Old Tides by Barry Brailsford

Ancient Love of Water Restored

For many, many millenia, since the time of Lemuria, those that also became the Waitaha of NZ have cared for nature and each of its elements, including water. Pounamu, the exceptional form of greenstone found only in the South Island of NZ has been gifted to all nations in preparation for a return to a loving relationship with the Earth and water. Arohanui, "Big Love" is essential. Songs of the Waitaha and Whispers of the Waitaha by Waitaha Grandmothers, Song of the Old Tides by Barry Brailsford and many authors, csrvers and others in releasing much of this knowledge is appreciated. I have the books and highly recommend them.

Sharing Love of Water

Lemurian Springs displaying their 14 litre ceramic water egg and bottle alkaline water
Lemurian Springs pictured and our three sister organisations: NaturesDesign NZ , UnityConscious.org and Vortex Water NZ are asponsoring a great improvement in the world, providing structured water and the means to return damaged water to its pristine state.

Key dairy farms unable to openly do so, cafes, restuarants and spiritual and educational trusts, such as the Southern Lights Centre lead the way in helping water with love, 3-spiral water harmonisers (Triskelions), vortex water energisers and vortex water revitalisers. Individuals everywhere delight the water in their body's with water contemplations, water filled Harmoniser pendants and drinking from cco-friendlycarafes, water bottles and Water Eggs . If you would like to return nature's healthy, loving spins back to water for you and generations to come, click on the preceeding links and visit us. Become a Water Gaurdian at LovingWaters.life. Free dream help with water is further down this page.

Natures Design in Water Crystals

Nature's Design Carafe hand-crafted in resonant glass to the shape of nature's PHI golden-ratio, with the Flower of Life emblazoned on it. Photo by E. F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland using the Emoto method. Credit.

Water crystals by the Emoto method produced when water is placed in glass with the golden-ratio proportions and the Flower of Life that hold all the geometries used in nature. The water crystals are on the right of the carafes, bottles and bowls that produced them out of tap water in just 3 minutes.

Mythos Glass with 1,1, 2, 3 golden ratio proportions and Fibbonacci sequence by Natures Design Liquid crysalline water crystal produced in water in a Mythos Glass with 1,1, 2, 3 golden ratio proportions for 3 minutes, by Natures Design Golden Alladin 1.3 litre Carafe 500ml with golden-ratio proportions and 24 carat gold flower of life emblazoned into its base Water Crystal produced in 3 minutes in Alladin Carafes, by Masaru Emoto method
Golden Ratio Bowls 12 and 23cm in diameter with white flower of life emblazoned into their bases Water Crystal produced 3 minutes in the Cotula Golden Ratio bowl, usng Masaru Emoto's method

The range of these first bottles in the world that are made from 100% natural materials that are 100% degradable The water crystal produced in 3 minutes when water is placed in 100% natural eco-freindly Thankyou bottles.. Photographed by Masaru Emoto method

Water Crystal Photos

What does Hexagonal Water mean?

Hexagonal stucture of the water crystal is the sign of harmonic water full of natural energy, as in nature. Water supply systems weaken the water as crystal on left without structure shows.

The unique forms of our products restore living water hexagonal structure. comssioned this picture by the E. F. Braun laboratory in Uttingen, Switzerland, and independent lab using the procedure developed by Masuru Emoto. More ...

The Golden Ratio

How does it influence water?
Photos of water crystals show that the Golden ratio has beneficial influence on the water. That is why shape of all our products is created on the basis of the Golden ratio

The above photos of water crystals by the Emoto method show that PHI, the Golden ratio or Golden mean has a beneficial influence on water, PHI is found in both human proportions and in the twin spirals of the sunflower. Leonardo DaVinci depicted the proportions in his "Vitruvian Man" . NaturesDesign is one company that decided to create all their porducts based on the Golden ratio.

BOVIS - The Measure of Life Energy

A measure of what may be considered th amount ofe life force present as indicated by the number of bio-photos water and other living structures emit Natures Design creates energy and emits it as needed to maitain life and heal. The company by the name Natures Design is one of the few publishing any BOVIS values . They do it for their lead product, the Alladin Carafe. Our own research indicates that this Carafe improves water more than anything else made in glass. Nature's Design states that "The revitalisation of water by the glassware results in improved taste and biological vitality. Biological value may be measured in BOVIS, a scale unit postulated by French physicist Alfred Bovis. The Bovis Unit is used by practitioners of radiesthesia and geomancy in order to evaluate the vitality of food and places. For example, a healthy human being has a vibration of approximately “7000 BOVIS”. Food should vibrate at a higher bovis rate. The biological valorisation of water, juices or wines in the Alladin Carafe amounts to approximately 25,000 BOVIS units. The valorisation [value assinged] in Mythos tumblers is equivalent to approximately 12,500 BOVIS.

BOVIS is also used to measure the amount of "living energy" present at Earth energy vortexes and for Paramagnetic Earth and Standing Stone sites. With the combined use of Water Eggs , Vortex Water Energisers, Gemstones and gold and silver triskelions known as 3 Spiral Harmonisers

Harmonising Energies and Natures Design NZ have been able to lift the energy of forest land and water to as high as 18.000 BOVIS. Llordes water is said to havea very high BOVIS value.

Geometric Love of Water, Flower of Life and Gemstone Mandalas

Golden Flower of Life Sacred Geometry Energy pattern on base of Natures Design Alladin Carafes, Mythos Glasses and Thankyou Drink bottles and in white on Cotula bowls Spherical gemstones in a face centred cube shape draw in Earth Energies

Water willingly takes on the energies associated with geometric symbols placed neaerby and from the shape of its containter. Symbols include the Flower of Life from which all other shapes derive and can be a Gemstone Mandala such as this one that I work with on the right. It is based on the cube and features quartz which has a stong affinity for water. Gemstone Energy Therapists, including myself, change the shapes to have different healing effects on the body, and the water inside. How much one knows the meanings of the shapes and the degree of love that the shapes are moved with decides how effective treatment is.

Color, 8Hz, 432Hz, Chakras and Music

A 12 color colour wheel with each colour labelled Green Heart Chakra symbol on the base of glass with the word Love as the heart's affirmation in many languages

The seven colours of the rainbow match the seven notes of music at a much higher octave and so light, music and water resonate with each other. Different colours, like sounds can energise water for different purposes. Hopefully such purposes are with loving intent. The one scale is used by nature with all its octaves. Octaves higher on the same scale are the 7 principle chakras. In a leading innovation Natures Design combine colour, golden ratio proportions that make the sound of a major chord, chakra flower patterns and power words , including Love and Harmony, in a series of 7 chakra glasses. People drinking from these report a marked difference in the results they get with each water. Often they progress through the seven chakras drinking from the appropriate glass each time. Water's purpose is to also heal.

All things are in a state of vibration, and when forms are shaped in the mathematical ratio of the Fibonacci Sequence, which gives rise to the Golden Ratio, the vibration emitted is in the harmonic relationship of a major chord. This is an harmonic resonance, a sympathetic vibration in which caontainer and water create music together like two tuning forks.

NASA makes available the sounds of stars and planets and each one is unique. Earth's music is its Schumann's Resonances, of which 7.83Hz or in round figures 8 Hz is the main note. The Earth, water, brain, heart, cells, blood and DNA all communicate with each other electromagnetically at 8 Hz and its higher and lower octaves. Five octaves up from 8 is 256Hz, which is the frequency of Middle C, when musical instruments are tuned to nature, Earth, bird song and water. On this natural scale A = 432Hz. Most all music in the western world is based on 440Hz and is discordant; separated from nature as most people are. 432Hz very effectively increases the structure and life energy of water. 99% of the molecules in a person are water. 432 Hz harmonises with the body and water. 440 Hz music creates anxiety, agitation, competition and conflict.

We can literally sing to water and ntoice the difference it makes held in the mouth afterwards. We can also meditate on water as it dances and sings making its merry way down a creek. Viktor Schauberger did so, and after wome years he learned from wate all it had to say about itself. The structures that can form in water have the ability to hold information like a quantum computer. Schauberger learned a lot.


Mythos Chakra Glasses

Drinking vitalized water influenced by special colours, symbols, words of affirmation on the base of seven 250ml Mythos Glasses mouth-blown and hand-crafted in Golden Ratio proportions to help balance chakra energy centres. Each of the 7 chakras governs different aspects of physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Seven 250ml Mythos glasses with golden-ratio design. "Harmony" for the 2nd chakra (orange) can also be purchased separately.

Seven 250ml Mythos Glasses shaped with the Golden Ratio, help balance our 7 chakras withthe 7 colorus of the rainblow, symbols and words of affirmation on their bases

More about Mythos Chakra Glasses

Cymaglyph Sound picture taken with Cymascope by John Stuart Reid of www.cymascope.com

Others who have loved enough to listen and learn aboiut the energies of nature and to create tools to help us see their energy patterns, include Harry Oldfield with PIP, Konstantin Korotkov with GDV, John-Stuart Reid with Cymascope, Dr Gerald Pollack, who have shown the energy fields of minerals, crystals, plants and animals in similar ways. Here we see one ogJohn Stuart Reid's Cymaglphs (used with permission). A cymglph being an almost spherical droplet of water being photographed as music is played to it. It is like a 3D view of a cymatic by Dr Hans Jenny.


The Golden Cup of Water

golden cup of dreams for water

Before you go to bed at night, on a piece of paper note what you'd like to achieve in your dreams and place it under a glass of water beside your bed. On waking up drink the water and immediately note what your remember of your dreams.

Of note what you'd like to achieve the next day, place that under a glass of water and on waking drink the water for help with your plans throughout the day. By being close to your the water will take on more and more of the information it needs to help you throughout the night and following day.


Loving Water in Eggs

4.3 litre glazed ceramic water egg 1.5

Water Eggs made from clay have special abilities to energise water with a continuous subtle energy flow producing a smooth energy taste that gives tap, distilled and filtered water a more alive, clean tasting. Ceramic water eggs include golden ratios as spirals within their shape and Viktor Schauberger's design principle of the vortex torus.

Enjoy the 1.5 litre Water Egg Jug on your table and draw water from your 4.3 litre Harmoniser Water Egg for improved cooking, brewing, drinking and wine making. For the 4.3L Water Egg let us know whether you'd like the oak, poplar or sapple stand (pictured in that order on the right) or trust in what comes. Both these Eggs include PHI Harmonisers. Clicking "Buy Now" lets you choose one, more than one of each, or both. 14, 43 and 675 litre Wine and Water eggs are also avaiable further down this page. .

Each one is hand-made, glazed ceramic (clay) and the metal tap includes some food grade plastic.

Restore vitality to food, water and home giving you more energy, protection, support and health in subtle yet proven ways.

Choose How Many You Would Like

Returning Earth Energy to Water

Placing a carafe, glass or bottle on grass, earth or earthing matt lets water absorb the resonant energies of the earth. It can also pick these up when placed near high energy paramagnetic basalt Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend (below). Earthing and Paramagnetics indicate that water has the ability to take on the qualities, energy and information of what it is near and to hold that informational energy pattern even when the original substance is no longer present; as in homeopathy. Water with this energy creates food that resonants with and is energised by ts local environment adding to the nutrition and energy both provide.
Clint Ober's Earthing book is highly respected. It introduces readers to the landmark discovery that living in contact with the Earth's natural surface charge - being grounded - recharges and prevents disease. This effect has massive health implications because of the well-established link between chronic inflammation and all chronic diseases, including the diseases of ageing and the ageing process itself. Even the length of telomeres may increase


Sun Gazing Deeper Meditation for Super Human Skills & Abilities

Placing water in sunlight for a few minutes will also energise it. It responds well to the UV frequencies by emitting Far Infrared light and its E-Z structure increases. People also find thay they can drink in the sun's energy by looking at it while well hydrated with feet in contact with the Earth. This is called Sun-gazing. People may do it longer, once the are sufficiently clear inside but few minutes is all that water loves. Water's favourite sunshine being the dappled shade of a forest. Springs are known to dissappear when trees around them are removed and to come back once trees are planted again. Viktor Schauberger found that at 4°C has its greatest energy and oxygen conent. It is at this temperature that it self-cleanses when moving in spirals, eggs and vortexes. When more love and attention are given to water it will often taste a little cooler and feel silky- smooth as its increased energy returns it to this state.


The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor

Gerald Pollack, America's leading researcher of E-Z water (Exclusion Zone) water with living energy describes the living 6-sided hexagonal snow-flake structure tested for in our drink bottles, carafes, plates and glasses by a Swiss lab using the methods of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto.

"Dr. Pollack is one of the pioneers in this field, and his discoveries can be expected to have important implications." - Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate, Cambridge University.


Personal PHI Harmoniser Pendants

Persoanl PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Spirals energise water. These Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants are actually filled with water that has been lovingly prepared with caring appreciation and has been held in a water egg with spiral Vortex Water Harmonisers nearby. Love from the heart and golden ratio proportions bring in nurturing energies for balanced harmony, providing energy and protecting from EMF, WiFi and other "negative thought" energies. People and water helped by water flowing inside such shapes are able to more easily hold themselves in a happy, more loving state regardless of the "negative" energies they are exposed to

Every pendant holds highlt resonant energy with the frequency of love in water nurtured within hollow copper tubing. Choosing Your Metals and Caring for Your Harmoniser Pendants (pdf) to know which ones are best.


3 Spirals Resonate Strongly with Water

3 Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Three Spiral Triskelion Harmonisers have been used since celtic times and earlier to love and heal water; When copper tubing is filled with water with very high frequencies of lvoe these frequencies transfer to neaerby water and that water becomes more structured, alive and "smooth" to taste.

Plated in silver resonates most strongly with water and feminine moon energies going within (imploding and centripetal) and gold with masculine, sun, radiating out centrifugal energies. More about metals.

Three Spiral Harmonisers may be found here

Stirring Water Giving Loving Intention

Personal PHI Spiral Harmoniser Pendants

Rrecharge, heal and restructure with an ordinary spoon, paddle or stick (as in Biodynamic Stirring) or even a silver PHI Stirrer, with godlen ratio proportions in its lengths will geratly help do thisfor drinks, smoothies and soups. Silver plating over copper tubing that holds high-frequenices of full-spectrum water, described above will add these to all that you stir. Stirring for just a few minutes can make a big difference and in Biodynamics stirring takes place for an hour.. More


Spiral Vortex Water Energisation

Vortex Water Energiser

Vortex Water Energisers combine the concepts of Schauberger, Emoto, Keely and others to give back the sprialling, vortex movment to water that it loves and thrives on in every streamiving water. This self-cleansing recharge can even restore it to its youth as the elixir of life full of E-Z water structure. Like a turning fork the spiral pictured and the water inside it resonate with water. Water in a pipe that it is tied to pointing downstream in the direction of flow transforms noticeably have a coller, smoother, healtheir feel. More on Energiser Effects on Water and their Installation Instructions Where to get one


Vortex Water Revitalisation

Vortex Water Revitaliser cup-open to show twin spiralShower of Life Vortex Water RevitaliserKitchen Vortex Water Revitaliser

Water may also be revitalised by guiding it in the spiral it flows with in a very regular patern alongside DNA and in microtubles providing energy to mitochrondria and improving all health conditions. The flow form of these microscopic bodiy structures has been replicated in the double-helical spiral of the Vortex Water Revitaliser that fit into mains piples and physically move water into the same spiral as DNA. Like a Vortex Water Energiser (abve) it can put loving energy frequencies with harmonics of 8Hz and 432Hz into all water used by being inserted into a house, office or even factory's mains water pipe.

After its use in the house, shower, toilet and septic tank water with more of its living full spectrum light and sound energy lovingly returned to it eters into the environment and educates the water it meets helping it too. Masaru Emoto found this and lakes and rivers can be restored this way. Here in New Zealand this can be an important tool for the Waitaha in their mission of loving and caring for water and restoring its pristine, living, loving energies. To obtain one visit: Living Water Systems . To read more about what is being done to love in the Waitaha Way visit: Arohanui.co.nz Aroha is "Love" in Maori.


More Ceramic Water Eggs

14 Litre ceramic water egg with micro-porous structure to better circulate water within

Ceramic Water Eggs don't exactly make wine out of water although wine-making is what most of the largest ones are used for. What they do is keep water circulating in the way it loves to keep moving, the spiral, the vortex and toroidal way that it does inside an egg. Clay, has a high silica content that resonates well with water and adds to its structure just like glass (which is amost all silica). Micro-porous ceramic alows a very slight evapouration through the walls of the water Egg, cooling it and supporting the movment.

Amphora have been made for millenia to store grains and make the best wines. Contents flow in a PHI spiral with golden-mean proportions making "Water" Eggs excellent for the fermentation of beer, kefir, kombucha and wine, which ask a lot of water, Restores water to its youth and gives a smooth more structured tase.

14 litre on wooden or rusted steel stand for the home, clinic, office and boardroom
43 litre on tall-stand ideal for top-class restaurants serving the very best water
675 litre specifically designed and made by a craftsman to make the very best possible wine

By special order. Please enquire.

Flow diagram within the 675 litre water egg 675 Litre ceramic water egg with micro-porous structure to better circulate water within


Dancing with Water 2nd Edition

Dancing with Water 2nd Edition February 1987 Revised by M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans with 40% new material

In all integrity we can only love water by also recommending a book by two authors who love it deeply. M.J. Pangman and Melanie Evans published an amazingly well-written second edition of their Dancing with Water - The New Science of Water - A Guide to Naturally Treating, Structuring, Enhancing and Revitalising Your Water in February, 2017

Dancing with Water is an engaging and well-referenced guide. As a unique blend of the most recent advances in traditional science, and spiritual wisdom for our evolving planet, it provides insight into water's unique qualities and offers instructions for creating full-spectrum living water: how to structure, add information and energy ... and more ... opening the door to the "Age of Water' typified by reverence for nature and all life. Unique qualities inherent in water and its hidden potentials are ready to be awakened within us, as water beings. Are you prepared to become a conscious creator and participate in the "Dance with Water?"

287pp. 40% new material. Published Feb 2017. $36 shipped (NZ). (US18.99 plus shipping when ordered at DancingWithWater.com).

On behalf of water, Mealnie and M.J. we'd love to provide you with Earth Resosnance Blend at our sisteer websites: UnityConscious.org and Natures Design NZ. Enquire with us about shipping costs if you do not live in New Zealand or purchase direct form the uathors if you life in the USA here


Paramagnetic Energy for Water

Earth Resoanace Paramagnetic Blend of Biotie Mica, Muscovite, Magnetite and Quartz Sands with 8,000+ CGS Basalt Sand

Melanie and M.J. Pangman have created an Earth Resonsance Paramagnetic Blend tith the highest paramagnetic rating avaialbe . Water loves the light and sound frequencies emitted by this material and is encouraged by it to resonate more in its natural frequencies (Shcumann's Resonance)s) when near it. Harmonising Energies and Natures Design NZ are proud to be distributing this excleent product throughout Austalasia via the two websites sbove that have "Dancing with Water".

The genuine "Dancing with Water - Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend" as described in the book is highest quality with quartz, magnetite sand, muscovite, biotite mica and a basalt sand with the exceptional magnetic quality 8,000+ uCGS. The blend is specially created to add the resonance of healthy, natural earth energies to all that is nearby. See " " and my Earthing EBook" above for more information.

It is placed around, near or under (not in) food or water to transfer orgone ORMES bio-energy and structure that produces a greater content of hexagonal full-spectrum living water. The more structure water has the more love it can hold and the more it can help us move this world into more loving, caring frequencies. A container of water (preferably ceramic or glass) can be placed inside a larger one and fill the gap between filled with the Earth Resonance Paramagnetic Blend. Water will taste smoother and softer and foods will we gain an extra energy taste. Water prepared this way after being held tight in water tanks and constrained to flow in straight lines trhough pipes loves every help you give it to feel the energies of the earth "beneath its feet" and to move in spirals making dance as if it were once again out among the rocks.


ORMUS, Salt and Mineral Energy

Water doesn't like to be alone, it loves the rocks and literally embraces the minerals it dissolves from them in sphere like enclosuures. Water needs energy to do this and minerals in their natural form help to provide it. The more a mineral gets a good healthy spin on the more it is able to do this. Water and minerals and in fact water and everything else, exchange energy, always with the intent of lifting each other into higher frequency states. Everything in nature strives to reach a healthier, more energetic state. When a mineral does it is known as ORMUS or ORMES. High energy tocks and the sea itself have the most ORMES.

Salt from the sea, dried in the sun and left whole and ocmplete has ORMES content and you can do nothing more than want water to have some to partner up, embrace and dance with. More.

More Reading

Gemstones Structure Living Full-Spectrum Water
Viktor Schauberger at VortexWater.co.nz

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